Why You Should Use Photo Luminescent Egress and Safety Signs

If you are not aware of the importance that is being attached to photo luminescent safety signs, then it is time for you to get accustomed. This is something remarkable considering that photo luminescent products have been around for many decades. Then what makes it so special in today’s context? Technological advancement has impacted the development of photo luminescent products greatly. New generation photo luminescent pigments are much superior to its predecessors and the reason why Federal Energy Management Program has declared its use as mandatory for all essential life safety applications. Thus exit sign products that use photo luminescent technology are deemed to be the best in class.

The improvement in Technology

What really has improved so much for photo luminescent materials that puts it in the front rank?  The properties of photo luminescent materials ensure that the signs are always visible even in the dark as it can glow on its own. All this and more can be known by logging on to www.jessupmfg.comThe power to stay illuminated is determined by the property of the product known as luminosity. Another aspect that makes the product outstanding is the property known as luminance. It represents the ability of the product to retain its luminosity for long duration even in the dark. The sign can keep glowing in the dark for 96 hours at stretch without the need of being exposed to light. This is something unique that has entitled the product to be included in the International Building Code (IBC).

International Building Code

The issues of egress safety for buildings (both commercial and residential) are addressed through the International Building Code (IBC) that has been formulated by the International Code Council. The IBC is applicable for buildings that have occupancy above 75 feet from the lowest point of accessibility by fire engines. All conditions of egress, emergency and non emergency are covered by IBC. Proper egress systems in adherence to the codes ensure that there are minimum injuries and casualties during an emergency low visibility evacuation from buildings.

IBC stipulates the use of photo luminescent emergency egress signages and exit signs at vertical exit enclosures and passage ways.

It gives Time for Safe Evacuation

The rare ability of photo luminescent signs to keep glowing in total darkness for 96 hours makes it most attractive in emergency situations. Even the occupants of the largest buildings get enough time for evacuation when visibility becomes almost zero due to darkness and smoke.

Making Photo Luminescent Signages

It will be interesting to know how photo luminescent signages are made. Safety signages and egress signs are printed on plastic tapes that are coated with adhesive on one side and the other side is printed by using photo luminescent pigments. The pigments absorb energy from normal light that is available in the surrounding and is stores it. Whenever there is blackout situation that can happen from smoke or power outage, the photo luminescent material starts glowing brightly. This makes it visible even in the dark. You can know more about it from www.jessupmfg.com.

After the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993, the use of photo luminescent signage and exit signs has become a norm.