Why Your Boss Likes Italian Designer Suits ?

Why Your Boss Likes Italian Designer Suits ?

Maybe you have not noticed but your boss loves the Italian designer suits that make him flaunt his style and establish his dominance. It makes him look cool and authoritative at the same time. But what is it with the Italian Suits, that makes your boss stick to them as his first love?Why Your Boss Likes Italian Designer Suits ?

There is a thing about the Italian designs that has made them the a benchmark for men’s highly fashionable suits. Every fashion savvy man will have an affinity for Italian clothing and accessories and you may end up finding out that the most fashion savvy man you are talking to is indeed an Italian. The power that the brand that ‘Made in Italy’ is so immense that men with almost zero understanding of fashion and who consider fashion as a waste of time will also be dumbstruck by the perfection of Italian menswear. They will not be able to stop themselves from appreciating it.

There is a reason for this legacy of Italian designer wear. The makers of the Italian fashion clothing have toiled for a long time to make men look good and make this effort look like cake walk in the eyes of common people. Behind this immense success is the passion that Italian designers have for their work and which reflects in the variety o Italian designer wear.

Another element for the popularity of Italian designs is that the Italian men believe in three things, veracity, simplicity and wearability. However there is a  belief in the fashion market that Italian menswear can be deceptive in their appearances and to an extent it is true. You need not worry about it as this is a good news and also the speciality of Italian wear.

Italian suits and ties are the work of master artisans who craft their art in the form of wearable piece of clothing. These tailors and patternmakers use their instincts and knowledge  given to them from their ancestors to hide a bulging stomach and enhance the look that comes from a broad shoulder or give the perfect shape and design for torso.

Italian fashion industry came into existence when the country was looking to revive themselves from the loss of the second world war. As a result, Italy started strengthening their economy and industrial sector for becoming self independent. It began with the manufacturing of shoes and Italian design belts for the United States.

Italian fashion has evolved over the years and become a dominant authority in the fashion world. But the scenario was not such from the early times. Italy, just like the other countries, use to look to the western fashion for inspiration and the latest development in men’s fashion. Men used to look to London and Paris for the fashion trends but this changed after the second world war.

The elegant and stylish Italian suits began in the 1970’s when the designers like  Ermenegildo Zegna, Gianfranco Ferrè, and many others. The growing popularity was credited to the film actors who wore the Italian designer suits and played conspicuous roles. The italian clothing line became so popular that it made the city of Milan, the premier showcase of Italian fashion.