Wooden Flooring Trends For 2018

Wooden flooring is more popular today than ever. It’s easy to maintain, sustainable and looks great in any room. Here are some wooden flooring trends to look out for this year.

There are many types of wood to choose for your flooring: what you pick “““depends on your personal tastes.

Make A Statement

This year both ceilings and floors can make a bold statement. There are lots of quirky wooden designs to add some character to your home. Choose a heavily distressed wooden floor or monochrome laminate.

Hand-Scraped Flooring

Instead of going for the typically glossed flooring, many are now choosing a more rustic look. Hand-scraped flooring shows off the natural beauty of the wood and gives it a more authentic finish.

Wooden Flooring Trends For 2018

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Mix It Up

This year we’re likely to see more people opting for a quirky theme by combining wooden floors with tiles. They’re perfect for living rooms and commercial spaces. Not only do they look good, they allow you to put your stamp on a room.

Go Greige

Grey has dominated the walls of many living rooms recently, but greige is the new colour to look for. The mix of grey and beige creates a subtle, classical look to your living room. Paired with a wooden floor it embodies simplistic elegance.