Yellowstone Tour Packages – Specialized Photography Tours

Yellowstone Tour Packages – Specialized Photography Tours

Yellowstone National Park is the world’s first national park, which is an ideal picnic spot, located largely in the Wyoming State of US and also extends to Idaho and Montana. There are many sightseeing spots inside the park, and the sights like the hidden power of a volcano rising as colorful hot springs and geysers here are simply awesome.

The tourists can spend an enjoyable and adventurous time in the park by exploring the forests, mountains, lakes, and wildlife inside. You will be stunned to see the drama of natural world getting lively unveiled in front of your eyes.

The park is located amidst of a classic landscape where both scenic beauty and wildlife go hand in hand to offer you a lot of memorable moments for a lifetime. One can enjoy this thrill at the best by booking specialized Yellowstone photography tours.

Tour programs like featured 7-day Yellowstone tour can offer you an exclusive field visit with the assistance of an expert guide to capture the most stunning pictures of amazing wildlife, steaming geysers, and beautiful landscapes.

Inside the Park

Yellowstone National Park now ranks on top of the most popular parks in the country. An estimated 2 million tourists come to the park every year. July is the busiest season in Yellowstone National Park, and during peak summer months, about 3700 employees work for park maintenance.

There is about 310 miles of paved roads inside the park which can be accessed through five entrances at different places. All park roads are closed to wheeled vehicles during the months of November to mid April. There is no public transportation inside the park, but the guided tour companies offer special motorized transportation for the tourists.

There are 9 visitor centers and museums in the park including the Old Faithful Inn, which was built in 1904 and preserved as a wonderful national historical landmark. Guided walks, campfire programs, and other presentations are also conducted by the tour companies during summers. Camping facilities are also available inside the park with about 2000 different campsites.

Yellowstone Park Tour

As described above, the usual exclusive 7-day Yellowstone tour packages cover;

  • Exploring Yellowstone National Park

  • Visiting Grand Teton National Park

  • Admission to Wolf & Grizzly Discovery Center

  • Experiencing Jackson Hole Aerial Tram

  • White Water floating on Snake River etc.

In such featured packages, the tourists can also enjoy gourmet meals with personal chef and on-the-go snacks and refreshments. At a few bucks extra, you can also enjoy add-ons like Limo Liner with personal driver etc.

Enjoying Photography

As everyone knows, the natural scenery and wildlife opportunities of Yellowstone region is simply mind-blowing. Ranging from countless wolves at the Wolf & Grizzly Discovery Center to the famous bears of the Lamar Valley, the park features various challenging opportunities for wildlife photographers.

You need to remember that just registering for the Yellowstone travel packages may not guarantee you the opportunity to capture the greatest photos. Only expert photography guides who know how to identify the right wildlife spots and allow you the freedom to access specific photography trails to ensure the best shots, which you can enjoy through photography tours.