Zoomcar: An Altogether New Experience

It is a long weekend, and friends from the northern parts of India are travelling all along for a mini vacation. There is just one car and around eight–nine people to be picked up from the airport. A good idea would be to hire a car, but is that a simple task to do? Of course, it is, especially when one goes for a self-drive car rental, like Zoomcar.

What are the Benefits?

One shouldn’t just blindly go for something one has heard about. It is not sensible to make a choice without knowing anything. But with car rental services like Zoomcar, one could be assured of enjoying facilities one haven’t even thought of.

To start with, car rental services like Zoomcar provides free fuel; not only that, insurance capping and taxes are included in the total pricing of the car. There are no hidden costs, and any damage would be liable to have a payment of up to 10K, with minimum terms and conditions. The conditions for extension and/or rescheduling are also simple and cost-effective.

With Zoomcar, one is sure to get 24-7 assistance with an all-India Customer Support team. So there is a solution to any problem that occurs in the midway of the journey.

Since it is a self-drive car, the customers have a chance to enjoy full liberty as to where to go and when. For example, there is no need to hurry if one decides to have some snacks before going back home.

Zoomcar has All India Permit, so booking a car and taking it to any part of India is so easy now. All that has to be done by the customer is pay the toll and the state taxes. The cars are available across India, not only at Bangalore but at Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, Jaipur, Mangalore, Mysore, Vizag, Pune, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Chandigarh.

Booking Is Simple

Booking a Zoomcar is as simple as solving a kid’s puzzle. All that has to be done is visit the company’s website or go to the Zoomcar app. After filling in the details of the desired car, one has to upload a softcopy of the driving license and then make a small security deposit, (which is refundable). An SMS with the car details pops in, or one has to unlock the details in case the app is being used. One has to then go to the nearest Zoomcar station to fill in a checklist…That done, the car is handed over. After the booking period is over, the customer hands it back to the Zoomcar station and fills in the checklist one more time.

Wide Variety to Choose From

Zoomcar allows one to book cars as per their taste—that is, anything from SUV, hatchback, sedan, and luxury. Better still, one could even go ahead and rent Mercs and Audis! Also, there are different packages available to choose as per convenience, such as the Zoom Lite plan, the Zoom XL plan, or the Zoom Classic plan.

Be it a weekend getaway, a business client to be picked up from the airport, or to move houses, nothing could be a better option.