6 Specialist Cleaning Tips For Those Hard To Reach Places

Your home exists to provide you with a place you can relax in privacy, so you don’t want to let it become messy and unclean. If cleaning is neglected for too long, health hazards can be a consequence in extreme cases. However, you mainly need to keep on top of cleaning to make sure your home feels welcoming and remains a place you look forward to returning to when you finish work. In addition, you might like to have guests over on a regular basis, and you won’t be setting a good impression if dust and dirt lines all your surfaces.

Of course, some areas of a home can be extremely difficult to clean thoroughly, which is why many people utilise the professionals for tile and grout cleaning in Perth. If you want to keep your costs minimised, you might only want to utilise the cleaning professionals periodically, and that means you will benefit from learning how to clean some of the most difficult to reach places of your home and household items.

If you’re looking for a cleaning company you can trust to make your home feel like new again, you might want to start your search at www.boascleaningservices.com.au where you’ll find a company that has years of experience. Below, this article will take a look at some ways in which you can clean difficult spots by yourself while your home awaits its next big professional clean.

Top Cleaning Tips

There’s no reason to let dust gather in difficult to reach places if you take the following tips on board.

  • Computer and laptop keyboards – After gently tapping your keyboard upside down, you can use a folded post-it note to clear the dust between the cracks in the keys.
  • Window tracks – It can be a nightmare trying to force the plastic end of your vacuum into your window’s tracks, but you’ll find cleaning much easier if you stick an empty toilet roll onto the plastic which can be squished to reach tight spots.
  • Car vents – Nobody wants dust being spat at them as they drive, so use a sponge paintbrush to get inside your air vents to give them a thorough cleaning.
  • Narrow blinds – It can be difficult to clean your blinds if there’s little space between the slats, but they do seem to attract dust rather quickly. To clean them, simply use rubber bands to attach microfiber cloths to a pair of kitchen tongs and clean the slats with ease.
  • Air vents – The air vents in your home are another place dust likes to hide and linger, but you can easily eliminate it by attaching a cloth to a kitchen knife that can reach between the tight spaces.
  • Faucets – Before you throw your old toothbrush away, consider using it with hot water and soap to clear mildew and bacteria from your faucets.

Making a Home More Comfortable

There’s nothing better than putting your feet up after a hard day at work, but relaxing feels so much better when you know your house is clean. As long as you take the tips above on board and only utilise experienced professionals for big cleans, you can keep your home feeling fresh indefinitely.

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