7 Rules For Wearing Statement Jewellery

You can easily enhance best features of your outfit by wearing statement jewellery with it. Though statement jewellery is designed to have fun but it can make all your statements wrong if it’s not worn appropriately. Only one eye-catching piece of statement jewellery can provide outstanding look to your entire outfit. The pieces of statement jewellery are available in wide variety of designs, styles, sizes and colours from which you can choose as per your preferences. Some rules suggested by justfab.com about wearing statement jewellery are provided here under for your guidance.

Look Simple:

You should wear big accessories like statement jewellery with simple clothes to give them outstanding looks. A pure white top with jeans and bright and colourful jewellery or a black dress with one or two eye catching pieces of big jewellery can change your entire appearance. So you should wear bright accessories with block and natural coloured items. You can also coordinate them with smaller accessories of same colour or metal to highlight them.

Less is More:

You should not wear several pieces of statement jewellery at a time as it will not allow them to look stand out. Wearing less bold jewellery can help in providing more outstanding look to your outfit as well as your personality. But if you want to wear more than one piece then avoid wearing rings with bracelets or necklaces with earrings which are of same quality.

Wear Right Necklace with Right Neckline:

It can help you in making your jewellery stand out. Wearing a necklace can be ideal with off-the shoulder, strapless, v-necked or scoop necked tops as they will allow your jewellery to show its prominence. You should avoid wearing necklace with halter necks, collared dresses or which detail close to your face as they will create a chaotic situation.

Be wise while choosing Earrings:

Though you cannot miss to wear statement earrings as they are primarily noticed by everyone but while choosing them you should match them with the shape of your face so that it can enhance its features. The colour, shape and length of the earrings should also coordinate with your outfit as wrong choice can distract people from you.

Wear Jewellery Pieces as Part of your Outfit:

While choosing statement jewellery you should keep in mind that they should look like a part of your over-all outfit. If you are wearing feminine and romantic outfit then floral or vintage pieces can give you a beautiful look whereas if you are wearing boho like outfit then colourful beads will suit best.

Be Attentive to your Hands:

In order to draw attention towards your hands and perfectly groomed nails you should wear a bold ring. But colour of your ring should not clash with the colour of your nail polish. If you have glittery or multi-coloured nail art then you should avoid wearing a colourful ring.

Decorate your Arms Tastefully:

If you want to wear a statement piece then wearing cuff bracelets on your uncovered arms or on slim fit over-the-cuff sleeve top. You can also wear bangle to decorate your arms.