Alternatives To Chocolate When You Need A Lift!

Alternatives To Chocolate When You Need A Lift!

There are times in everyone’s life when you need a lift.  You may have just received bad news, you may be having a bad day or you may even be in the middle of winter and simply yearning for summer to return.  Whatever the reason, chocolate is considered one of the most common food substances to reach for.  In fact, if you have a small amount of dark chocolate it will actually be good for you!  Unfortunately, most people do not have stick to a little bit.

Chocolate can be extremely fattening but very rewarding; however, there are other products, with fewer calories which are delicious and can provide the same lift:

French Pastry Shop

You will need to find one near you, Canadian based Amadeus Patisserie is considered to be one of the best in the country and will even supply you with delicious French pastries, tarts and even custom cakes via online ordering.  This French pastry shop is well established and has an excellent reputation.  As an added bonus, when you are feeling down you can indulge in a French pastry and visualize yourself sitting outside a café in Paris; you will instantly feel better about life!

Hot Chocolate

It may not be the first thing which comes to mind but there is something incredibly soothing about cuddling up on your sofa with a mug of steaming hot chocolate.  The liquid gives the chocolate boost without the same level of calories and warm in your hands; you can even feel it sliding down inside your tummy creating a warm glow inside you.


This is something that can easily be kept in your cupboard and can be surprisingly effective when looking for something to indulge in.  As an added bonus, nuts have plenty of magnesium and nitrogen which you r body is probably craving as they are also in chocolate!  Nuts, in moderation are a much healthier alternative; although, in excess can bring their own health issues.

Cereal Bar

Grabbing a cereal bar with chocolate chips in will help to give you the chocolate fix that you need whilst maintaining a healthier edge.  Cereal bars are generally nutritious and sweet which can help to satisfy your craving and boost your mood.


Whether your favourite exercise is running, cycling, swimming or something else you will find it is much more therapeutic to do a little extra exercise.  In fact, you are likely to forget all about your cravings as your experience the natural high of your endorphins.


Sometimes, the best thing to do is simply indulge.  Whether you want a bar of chocolate or a tasty treat from the French pastry shop; indulge yourself and simply make sure you do not do it too often!  Research suggests that depriving yourself of a treat can actually make it harder to resist long term and more likely that you will repeatedly succumb to your cravings.  Having one cake from the French pastry shop will reduce the risk of you wanting another one tomorrow!