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Amazing Fruit Salads Ideas!

Every fruit salad recipe doesn’t have to be boring or plain. You can recreate some scrumptious and healthy salads, which are great to eat any time at the day. Put in some creativity and add some fresh fruits to all these salad recipes.

  • Sweet and savoury:

Use orange slices, grapefruits, peppery arugula and a little bit of salt, olive oil, grassy and pepper to make this amazing salad. Add in tomatoes, red onion, cucumber and avocados with strawberries to make this salad juicer.

  • Sweet and sour:

Mix watermelon pieces, pineapple, mango, stone fruits and grill them with some salt and pepper. Grill them for just few seconds and you will have a smoky and delicious fruit salad.

  • Easy to go:

Use all your favourite fruits and cut them into huge round or square shapes. Take a Skewer and dip it in olive oil and throw in little pepper on it. Add the fruits that you like and viola the salad is made! You can also make a creamy or cheesy dip with this combination. You can add in some fried or grilled vegetables pieces to this salad.

  • Season with vinaigrette!

Classic chopped fruits with vinaigrette seasoning make the perfect salad for all your classy events. Put in some lime juice, honey, fresh mint (if needed), olive oil and all your favourite or seasonal fruits chopped into fine pieces. Add peaches to this salad without fail. The balance of sweet and sour is perfect for a small get together.

  • With some booze:

This adults party salad is easy to make and tasty to the core. Add some exotic sweet fruits and a splash of Grand Marnier or Cointreau or any other liquor of your choice (mainly wine) and let the fruits soak in for few hours. You can serve this with cinnamon or fresh cream.

  • Cheese delights:

Add hot cheese on top of the fruits, which you have freshly cut in equal pieces. Once the cheese sticks on to the fruits, this salad is ready to be served. Make sure the cheese is hot enough to incorporate into the salad. Do not use grated cheese for this salad at all.

  • The lemon touches:

Use sweet and watery fruits for this fruit bowl. Avoid any citrus fruits as lemon will already add in some sourness to the recipe. Add fruits like watermelons, strawberries, banana, pears and so forth for the simple dish. Squeeze out as much lemon you want to add to this recipe. Finish the dish by adding fresh mint on top. This salad is helpful for those, who suffer from digestion issues. Lemon and fresh mint always helps cure stomach issues.

  • The lunch salad:

This salad is different from the others as this is more of a lunch type of fruit bowl. Mix in sweet fruits with leafy vegetables and grilled meat of your choice (you can avoid the meat). Season this with grated cheese and olive oil. Make sure you add lettuce to this recipe.

Add these recipes to your day to day food and you will not regret it. Also, when you send fruit basket delivery UK, make sure you send across recipe notes with the basket.