Amazon workers hold Black Friday protest

Online shopping is very much part of our lives nowadays. We have become accustomed to placing an order for just about anything and expecting that white van to appear around the corner, almost in an instant, with a parcel. It’s all about the next day or even same day delivery.

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Angry workers

The reputation of one of the largest retailers, Amazon, has been in the spotlight recently when workers at several of their warehouses in Milton Keynes, Swansea, Rugeley, Warrington, and Peterborough voiced their dissatisfaction with working conditions.

European protest

To coincide with the super-sale known now as Black Friday, politicians, union representatives and staff, demonstrated all over Europe, to complain about unfair practices with a series of coordinated strikes.

Broken bones

Amazon workers have complained about draconian management and inhumane working conditions. There have been allegations of staff being knocked unconscious in the workplace and even cases of employees being taken to hospital by ambulance with broken limbs. The charge is that Amazon has no intention of negotiating with workers –

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Health and safety

In its defense, Amazon is keen to underline that the company has a workforce of 25,000 in the UK, with a minimum wage of £9.50 and £10.50 in the London area, and that they have a policy of providing excellent skills training. The UK Government and Safety Executive are cited as saying that there are 40% fewer injuries reported at Amazon compared with other transport and warehouse companies in the UK.

Open house

Amazon is keen to counter the charge that the company is more interested in meeting deadlines and delivery expectations than in taking proper care of its employees. The company actively encourages people to come and see for themselves and attend a public tour of a warehouse which is available every day at centers across the country.


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