Avoid Great Financial Loss After Filling Petrol In A Diesel Car

Every now and then we fill wrong fuel in our cars because there are so many things that bother us in our daily routine. Even if we pay huge attention to our tasks then also there are great possibilities of making mistakes. If you have put petrol in a diesel car and recognized your mistakes then you should not panic at all as we have come up with steps that can save your loved ride and money without too many efforts. Many people have tried these tips and they have gained immediate benefits by following these steps such as stopped distribution of wrong fuel in the entire car parts. So you should read and follow the given instructions very carefully without wasting any further time.

Here are steps that you should follow strictly after filling petrol in a diesel car –

  1. Don’t start the car – You should not start your car at all after filling wrong fuel because it will lead to further complications. Your car’s engine can face serious troubles if wrong fuel reaches inside. You should make sure that you haven’t started the engine even for moving your car from gas station to parking.
  2. Calculate the inserted fuel – Most of the people might think that even few drops of wrong fuel can create lots of hassle but that is not true. It requires more than 5% or more wrong fuel to create any sort of problem. If you have filled less than 3% wrong fuel in your car then you can use it without any problem. In case you have inserted more than 5% fuel in your car’s tank then you should follow step 1 very strictly.
  3. Park your car in parking or side of the road – You need to move your car away from the gas station as other people will require filling fuel in their car. You should park it at any side of the road or if possible then in parking. You should push your car by the help of other people or on your own.
  4. Place visible warning – You should place some warning signs around your car so other drivers can understand that your car is not working. You can use lights, bright colour tape or any kind of material that is visible and indicate your message clearly. You should also stay away from the road to avoid any accidents.
  5. Contact expert service provider – After performing all the steps, you should contact service provider for removing wrong fuel from your car. There are many service providers that provide immediate help even in remote areas. You should wait until the help arrives as it is only sensible option that you can select for recovering your car’s functionality.

If you follow all these steps very carefully then we promise that you won’t face serious financial loss. You also don’t have to wait for too long to possess your car in perfectly working condition because it helps service provider to remove wrong fuel from tank very quickly. So be sensible and use these above mentioned points after filling petrol in a diesel car.

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