Dark or bright Bathroom

Bathroom Renovation – Dark or Bright Colours?

When renovating the bathroom, the colour palette is what comes to mind the last. With all the important things, such as plumbing, vanity, pipes, shower, bathtub, and others, people often view the issue of colours as the least important. Though “wrong” colours can’t cause the same amount of problems as improperly installed pipes, but in the long run, it will annoy you every time when you walk into the bathroom. Let’s see which one of the options is better for you and how to make it work with different areas and items.

Brighten Things Up

Bathroom Renovation - Dark or Bright Colours?
If you have a small bathroom, bright colours can make it look more spacious. It is widely thought that white and other similar colours can reflect a rather polished look. However, should you decide for a traditional white-everything, the space will look more of a pharmacy or a hospital toilet. Adding a personal touch in such a space, will solve the problem. A colourful shower curtain for a bold statement, fun bath mat, small cosmetic table, and why not, even some posters or paintings will give your bathroom its own personality. You don’t even have to opt for some of the thousands shades of white to create a brighter space. You can make the whole process more fun, by choosing yellows, greens, blues or oranges. In that case, make sure you combine the fixtures, vanity and other bathroom accessories with the wall colours.

Come to the Dark Side

Bathroom Renovation - Dark or Bright Colours?
Dark colours in bathroom have groundlessly gained a bad reputation. If you do it right, you’ll see that myth debunked. Strong bathroom colours can provide with warm, elegant, atmospheric and relaxing feel. Dark colour palette can save you the trouble of accessorizing, as the walls are an accessory by themselves. If the things go a bit too dark for you, you can contrast the wall with the vanity and cabinets. Patterned or bright colored rugs are also a great way to add some liveliness into the space. There are varieties of decors you can decide for, once you’ve opted for strong wall colors. Creating a vintage inspired room and adding sepia photographs and wooden items is one way to go. If you are aiming for that retro look, you must consider the other elements that should fit in. The same is if you choose a modern design.

Additional Tips

Bathroom Renovation - Dark or Bright Colours?
Consider advising a color wheel to find complementary colours when you are combining walls, tiles, items and accessories. One more great guiding principle for choosing the palette is “the rule of three”. One colour should be neutral, other rich and the third accent (70/20/10 distribution). The second part of this rule says that you should use each colour three times in the room (with accessories). If you’ve decided for bright bathroom (and you are not bold enough to try with green, yellow, etc), you can make it more interesting by mixing two neutrals (grey and white). Making contrast of two bright colors will give your bathroom more energetic appeal instead of relaxing, if that is what you’re aiming for.

Whatever choice you make regarding the colours, try to “inject” your bathroom some identity. You won’t regret it.