Discovering French craftsmanship

The field of craftsmanship is quite large because it involves a lot of craft. It is also specific to each country. That of France is also diversified and brings together more than three million artisans as well as 900,000 artisanal entities. Gastronomy, fashion and jewelry explain this diversity of the craft sector in France. Trades are also added to crafts over the years. In this article, find out about the crafts in France.

The glassblower and the goldsmith

The craft trade steeped in history is the glassblower. This profession requires several periods of practical training. Glass blast training workshops are open to the general public so that they can assist in shaping the materials. It’s a special moment as it arouses the curiosity of the spectators. It is also from this profession that we obtain Christmas balls and decorative objects. As for goldsmith, it is a more complex profession and consists of making elaborate jewelry, necklaces, rings or bracelets. However, this goldsmith's trade requires a lot of knowledge in order to assess the quality of the materials with the naked eye. Many artists have forged a great reputation with this craft.

Fashion and ceramics

Fashion is one of the most famous arts in the world and it would be hard to see France without it. The best French fashion houses such as Chanel, Dior and Gaultier are recognized worldwide. Fashion designs and outfit achievements have made the success of his fashion houses. In addition, ceramics appears to be a flagship craft for decoration. This craft began with the ornamentation of the greatest royal tables in France and around the world. However, ceramics require expertise and experience, because the work produced is impeccable and without the slightest error.