Do You Want to Visit to Sagrada Familia?

Many of you may not be aware that for last 136 years, the construction work of Sagrada Familia Barcelona still continues, which itself can be considered as a testament for its glory and grandiose. Its lure is so much that in the year 2017, about 4.56 million people witnessed it from very close angle, who are considered to be among the luckiest people out of 7 billion people of this earth.

Sagrada Familia Barcelona

La-Sagrada-Familia is a living testimony of multiple architectural periods and hence you can see diverse features in the styles and Sagrada Familia, it is structurally very different from many other cathedrals of the world.

The monument is quite popular among all tourists of the world. Following are few tricks to save your time while visiting there.

  1. Try to secure Skip-the-Line Sagrada Familia tickets.
  2. Prefer for any guided tour for Sagrada Familia to get better visions of its superstructure.
  3. Prefer to visit during sunset so that you can get great photos and also witness the unique charm of the monument in twilight condition.
  4. Visit on Mondays, as you will find less crowd.
  5. Get separate tickets for going to tower and enjoy the view of the whole city.
  6. Keep minimum 3-hours sideways for your sedate tour

Tickets for Sagrada Familia Tours

Before buying tickets for Sagrada Familia tickets, following few things that you must know.

  1. Try to reach well in time or at least 15 minutes before time as you may be denied entry if you are late.
  2. For budget ticket it will cost 15€. However, you will not get any guide access for this.
  3. Prefer to buy Skip-the-Line tickets in advance as they are sold too quickly.
  4. For security check, however you have to stand in queue even if you have Skip-the-Line tickets.
  5. There are self-guided with audio guides available that you can buy online
  6. Prefer to buy combo tickets to save few bucks.

Little background information about Sagrada Familia architecture

Antoni Gaudí had a vision about Sagrada Familia architecture in the lines of any Byzantine and Gothic places of worship, in order to give an Evangelists message through architecture. It was therefore so planned that its 18 towers will signify the Apostles, the Gospels, the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ. It will symbolize a rise of God. Gaudí also planned the Basilica so that the reflected sunlight will illuminate different aspects of the life of Christ.

Antoni Gaudí always believed that any man-made structures must never upstage God’s creations. Therefore, Sagrada Familia is 1 meter shorter as compared to Montjuïc Hill, which is the Barcelona’s highest point. After his departure, his plaster models created by him showed craftsmen the way. The geometrical sense which was imparted to this mega structure refers to themes of Cubist and Art-Nouveau. One can notice an apparent nature’s influence in the Sagrada Familia’s architecture.

Don’t miss these while visiting at Sagrada Familia

  1. Expiatory temple’s crypt

The Crypt at is the church’s oldest part and Antoni Gaudi has been buried in this Crypt too.

  1. Sagrada Familia Museum

This is an underground Sagrada Familia Museum exhibits the Gaudi’s drawings, construction models, contemporary photographs and other liturgical furnishings. Visitors can understand the construction scale of Gaudi.

How to reach Sagrada Familia

You can easily reach Sagrada Familia as there is good public transport network available in Barcelona and you will be dropped at the door step of the Basilica.

  1. Metro:

Take either L2 or L5 line and alight at Sagrada-Familia station.

  1. Bus:

Avail any of 19/33/34/43/44/50/51/ B20 or B24 no. buses and alight at stop of Sagrada Familia.

Visit the website for any additional information about Sagrada Familia, before you plan to visit the place.