How Much Expense Will Be Incurred In Filing A Dog Bite Case

Every passing year, several people are found in emergency rooms with acute injuries due to a dog attack. Medical costs are increasing day by day. The cost of surgeries conducted and prescribed vaccination can add to the worries and anxiety in a person.

Dog bites can result into long list of medical bills that can create havoc in your life. The excruciating pain, suffering and fear caused due to it can even last for a lifetime. Sometimes the injuries take several months to heal, and in that case arranging money to get the necessary treatment would be a huge blow to your finances. In addition to this, hiring an attorney to file a case would be an extra expense. In this article we will tell you about the cost of filling a dog bite case.

The types of cost incurred by an attorney firm for filing a claim

  • To cover the upfront charges
  • Hiring an experienced and proficient attorney on the type of your case
  • Sending professionals to carry out a thorough investigation on the accident site to gather evidence
  • Strongly putting the case before insurance companies with proper proofs to get the best compensation
  • Assertively fighting for the maximum compensation as deserved by the victim

The types of compensation when undergoing a dog bite injury

According to the state personal injury laws, compensation is provided for the damages on emotional, mental and physical levels to those who have been injured due to someone else’s dog. Compensation granted to the victim includes following factors:

  • Medical bills for conducting the treatment due to dog bite injuries
  • Expenses incurred for repairing or replacing any property that has been damaged due to a dog bite
  • Loss of job and income
  • Payment to a house keeping staff to perform the necessary household chores while you were afflicted due to injury
  • Any type of permanent disability due to the dog bite
  • Emotional stress and trauma resulting from the dog bite
  • Other expenses which you have incurred as a result of the injury

How the compensation is provided?

There are two ways in which you can collect this compensation, in an out-of-court settlement or in a court judgment.

In out of court settlement, you need to negotiate with the dog owner and insurer of the dog owner reach an agreement to financially compensate you for the injuries. Either the dog owner or their insurance company, or both would pay you the compensation amount.

Settlement the case in a San Diego Court, the case with relevant evidences are listened by the jury and gives verdict that decides the compensation amount and the person who is responsible for the blame. In this way the victim would get the necessary compensation for the injuries.

Filing a dog bite case is very necessary. It helps you get the necessary monetary compensation for the income loss, medical expenses and trauma sustained by you during the course of treatment.

Not hiring a lawyer due to the inability to pay the fees is not a wise decision as there are many reputed dog bite lawyers who would not charge a single penny for the time of filing the case till you get the desired settlement. You are required to pay only after you get you win the case and receive the financial compensation you deserve.