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How To Choose The Fitting Hair Style

Different people have different skull shapes and facial appearance. In light of that, single hairstyle would make the perfect fit for all and sundry. To maintain aesthetic general outlook, it makes sense to select a suitable hairstyle. When you walk into a salon to have a haircut, you will be presented with several designs though it might be difficult to put you hands on the fit. It could be that the shaved hair you have been keeping at bay because you are afraid to let go your hair does make the perfect fit. And if you are lady you may not know that you would look better in a bob cut than a blow out. To choose the right hairstyle, check out the tips below:

Determine the Shape of your Face

If you round up one hundred people in a random selection, you figured out that they will all have similar but different face shapes- diamond, oval, long,oblong, triangle, round heart, square etc. The shape of each person’s face will factor the kind of hairstyle that fits them the most. The same situation applies you walking into a beauty salon to have your hair dressed in a suitable style. So, before going for hairdressing determine your facial structure to find a fit for it. To determine your face shape:

  • Get a large mirror, a stationary mirror to be very precise.
  • Look directly into the mirror gazing upon your reflection on it.
  • Position yourself quarter a meter close to the mirror.
  • Keep your shoulder back, your back straight and your head high.
  • Make certain that the lighting of the room is positioned over your head or you could do it in an open space in broad daylight.

With a temporary tick marker of red ink, sketch out the outline of your face excluding your ears. It would make sense if you start the sketching from the face bottom making the two end of the sketch equal until you are done. One food for thought: try staying firm as possible while tracing the outline so that you get to achieve the real shape. If after the process you feel you haven’t got the real shape, have your face shape determined by a professional  stylist.

Choose a Hairstyle that Complements your Face

When all that hurly burly of face shape determination is done, choose a hairstyle that beautifies and complements your face. For that, if you have a diamond type of face shape, you will look pretty much ok in bangs which have straight fringe across the forehead and a slight U-shape cut. Most people who have oblong face shape would for the most part prefer a cut or some kind of shave. If you happen to be one of such people, consider going for burr style of shaved cut.

Outline features from your “neck up up”

Your complete face structure is made of the part from where your neck connects to your shoulder. When looking for a hairstyle that will suit your face, determine the features of your entire facial structure including your neck. If you love the shape or look of your ears, consider going for a style that will not be covering it. If it’s your neck, a short hairstyle that will leave the neck exposed will do.