How To Dress With 6-Inch Wedge Boots

While wedges are considered more comfortable than stilettos still many girls have to be guided properly while using them for the purpose of fashion styling. The secret behind using wedges with your dress is in the color, texture and style of your outfit which should match with it. You can provide new heights to your fashion style by matching your outfits with your boots with 6-inch wedges.

Styling to Slim Down:

If you want to look slim then you will have to balance your wedge boots with pant or skirt made in slimmer style. You can wear brown wedge boots up to your knees with a mustard colored slim skirt and jewel colored well fitted sweater or tank. You can also wear well fitted top and cropped denim jacket with a colored skinny jeans with a pair of wedge boots to give you a casual look at the weekend as it can instantly change your fashion style to some extent. You can also wear leggings with your wedge boots to have perfect skinny look.

Get Ready:

You can intensify your fashion style by wearing your fabric boots with 6-wedge that compliments the texture of your outfit. It will be the best choice to wear richly textured dark suede or leather wedge boots with a black colored sheath of leather. You can wear a floral frock up to your knees with gray colored ankle boots in spring season to lighten the things. Nude colored wedge knee or ankle boots can provide rocking length to the legs of short girls, please note.

Wear Shorts with Skirts:

If you want to wear shorts even then you should not avoid wearing high heel boots as they can easily provide you a stylish look. While moving to the job on weekend or running to your class during weekdays you can wear shorts with geometric pattern with boots with white wedge. If you wear a bronze-colored tank with a black ruffled mini and a drooping brown sweater along with solid black wedged knee boots then you can enhance your looks a bit more. You can increase your beauty at night if you wear black boots with 6-inch wedge with a cropped leather jacket on a black halter-style blouse with golden details and a pair of cut-off denim shorts.

Hit with Tights and Socks:

Socks with stilettos can suit to your fashion style if you are not going to run anywhere. But if you wear them with a cute pair of socks and 6-inch wedge boots then it can easily boost up your style. A caramel-colored T-shirt with white shorts and beige colored socks and sporting half boots of same color can give you a fresh springtime look. Similarly a jewel-colored cable knit sweater and dark skinny jeans with a pair of chunky print socks and brown suede 6-inch wedge boots can provide you a stimulating winter look. You should surely wear 6-inch wedge boots made of cotton or rayon like thinner material with rugged socks to improve your looks.

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