How To Make Money Through A Blog?

Making money through a blog is a dreamlike situation. Every content writer whether professional or not seek to earn money through their blogs and articles. But the question is how?

Here are few ideas to make it work.

Ads placement: ad placement is one of the most common way of earning money online. Bloggers imply put ads on their blogs to generate clicks. To discus, there are two types of ads, cost per click ad (CPC) and CPM ads. Cost per click ads are those ads which are placed in form of banners most probably to be placed on sidebar of the blog. Whenever a visitor lands on your page and click the banner, you get the money for that click.  However, CPM ads are those ads they offer you a fix amount to be paid on the times an ad has been views by the readers.  To earn money through the ad placements is to place them on the most appropriate platform. For instance, Google AdSense is a famous platform where you can place your ad without coming in direct interaction with the backers. All you have to do is to place the banner, later Google will choses the ads automatically on grounds of most relevancy with the content and your ad is open for clicks and possible bucks to make.

You can sell the Cloistered Ads: If your blog has enough traffic on it, than private advertisers can also come to you. They will offer you to place their ads on your blog after setting the rates. These private ads can be in any form as in links, banners etc. And the best part is that you are dealing all on your own with the advertiser which means you can seek for the rates by yourself. Or you can also accommodate the advertiser name in the content for which you will be paid. The money making is a bit tricky in this case as there is no fix amount of payment which you an expect. As you are dealing yourself and the rates varies depending on your negotiation skills.

Add associated links in your content:  linking is also one of the money making source in blogging. This happens in such a way that you divert the user on your blog to land on the advertiser page. For instance, if someone is looking for web designing services in UK and he ends up on your blog to read about it. From there he clicks on the link of best web Development Company and navigates to the website of particular company, that’s the link affiliated blogging. Now that web Development Company will pay you specific amount for all the clients that are coming through your blog.