How To Overcome Logistical Challenges For Any Building Project

For a long time, too much waste has always been a common problem in any building project. This could happen for many reasons, but usually because too many materials are ordered that end up being discarded as waste. This problem actually can be solved by maximizing the efficiency of logistic practices and improve the efficiency of your material management. These efforts are proven to be able to reduce the total of waste material by 35%. A good material logistics plan can reduce the overall construction costs significantly.

Material Logistics Plan

This plan is to help maximize the efficiency of material management in any construction project, which includes resource and costs efficiency. To setup a good material logistics plan, first of all you need to identify the people who responsible for the plan and what their roles. Then to setup communication and training plan. Next, determine the type of material needed for your project as well as the quantity. If you cannot make an exact calculation of the amount of material, then it’s best to estimate the minimum amount you may need, but you need to determine the key indicators for their procurement.

Determine the best way for you to store the material, the location and method should guarantee the safety of the material, making sure there won’t be any damage or loss. Your subcontractors ideally also need to be included in the plan, because they will also be using the material. Remember to always try to review and improve your material logistics plan whenever you can.

Costs and Material Efficiency

Material logistics plan will reduce waste, which will lead to reduce costs. The more efficient your plan the more savings you will make and additionally you will also reduce carbon emissions in the process. You could produce lots of carbon emissions if you don’t make a good logistics plan because then you might have to transport the material too many times, additionally you will also produce carbon emissions to manage the waste. Therefore a good material logistics plan will have positive effects on the building project and the environment.

When you purchase building materials that you don’t use on the project for some reasons, perhaps you purchase too much materials, they could be wasted or damage during the construction or storing, or maybe they are lost due to unsafe storage, the costs of the building project will rise much higher than expected. For example if you purchase too many materials, not only you will spend more money for the materials, but you will also need to pay more for transportation, labour, storage and disposal.

Labour efficiency is a great advantage of a good material logistics plan. Your excess materials will require more workers, if you have a good plan, these workers might be more useful if they are working elsewhere on site.

Planning to get only the right materials at the right quantities and the right time will definitely save you a lot of money and your building project will be  much more efficient.

This article was written by Bernard Maton with the help of Craymanor – visit