How To Tell If You Are Being Poisoned By Mold

The idea of being poisoned by mold is considered by many to be completely ludicrous. Poison is often considered to be the sort of weapon that is only seen in books and movies because it is considered to be so ridiculous, but in fact that there are often cases of completely natural poisoning, if poisoning can be described in such a way. Many do not realise that toxic mold will often be growing in many properties that are completely open to the public, and that is exactly why many people will be shocked and horrified to find out that they have toxic mold growing in their own home!

It happens more often than you could ever believe. After all, toxic mold will often grow in areas that are not frequently seen, such as within walls, ceilings, cellars, and attics. It does not really matter whether or not the person living there cleans often or rarely at all; that is exactly the problem with toxic mold. It can grow incredibly quickly, and it is very difficult to completely get rid of because only a small amount needs to be left from the cleaning process for it to start multiplying. So how can you tell whether or not you are being slowly poisoned by toxic mold?

What you have to understand is exactly how a person can be poisoned by toxic mold. The way that mold reproduces itself is by releasing its seed, or spores, into the air. These are then breathed in by living creatures, from household pets to the people that live in the property. That is why so many of the symptoms of toxic mold are concerned with the areas of our bodies that take in things from the air. One of the most common symptoms of toxic mold is difficulty breathing. Some will think that this is asthma, because they do not notice that this shortness of breath only happens when they are at home.

Other symptoms are even more worrying and upsetting. Some will suffer from red and sore eyes, and others will have continuous coughing. Others will have blocked sinuses. The severity of the symptoms will increase over time, as the individual becomes more and more exposed to the toxic mold – and there will be even worse symptoms that will develop over time. For those who have lived in a property for a long time with toxic mold, unable to protect themselves, they can develop liver and lung damage, as their bodies try to fight off the toxin.

If you believe that you could be affected within your property, then there is no time like the present to start remediating the mold. The longer you leave your suspicions, the more likely it is that you will continue to harm yourself, and the more difficult it will be to remove the toxic mold from your home. All you will need to do is bring in a mold professional, and they should be able to help you remove any toxic mold that they find.

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