How To Write Even When You Feel You Can't

How To Write Even When You Feel You Can’t

I don’t really consider myself a writer. I know there are others who are very gifted in writing.
However, the more I write the easier it is to be able to formulate my thoughts. I am finding that very surprising.

I am computer technician by trade. I started a blog, a few months ago, with the purpose of writing computer tips for my visitors. My intention was to be able to offer my experiences in computing for my readers.

I did not write this article to discuss computers but I figure if I can do this so can you. I like to write “How To” articles and help students write a rationale for a research paper or thesis, so that’s what I intend to do with this article.

1. Write about a subject or subjects you know very well. Everyone has something they can share that they are really good at. The same holds true with each and every one of you.

2. Read the Upwork forums they are there to help you and to encourage you. Also, you never know when reading the forums something may spark you to write about something.

3. Look for article ideas through out your day. When an idea comes to you write it down.

4. Concentrate on a an idea to formulate your ideas and your thoughts.

5. Set aside a time each day where you can sit down and right.

6. Share your ideas with people who you know can encourage you and give you other ideas you have not even thought about.

7. Do not share your ideas with negative people who try to discourage you and bring you down.

8. Never write when your tired or feel rushed.

9. Keep a journal if you don’t already.

10. I recommend you set up a blog on the subjects you know the best and feel passionate about.

11. Read articles, books, current events, etc which can give you ideas.

12. Make sure you have a good word processor with spell checker and vocabulary.

13. Take time out for yourself at least once during your day it helps clear your mind.

14. Writing is fun have fun with it. If it gets to be stressful walk away from it for bit.

15. Don’t be afraid to tell people you meet that you are a freelance writer. Tell them what subjects you write about they may be able to give you ideas.

16. Take a day once a week that you may only write one article or none at all.

17. Treat your writing not only as a job but as a fun career. The money will come. You never know if new opportunities may come along.

18. Whatever you do never give up if its something you really want to do.

19. Don’t be afraid to ask other members for help.

20. Invite others to Upwork and develop friendships with other members.

21. Last thing, you can never fail if you don’t quit.

I really do wish you all the success in your writing endeavors.

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