Important Aspects To Focus While Buying Your Solar Power System

Do you want to reduce your energy bills by installing solar panels? Yes, it is a wise decision. However, you will find that buying the solar panel is a daunting task. You must know about the various types of solar panels available and you should know all the other factors like the space available, mounting options etc.

Important aspects to focus

  1. Types of materials

There are two main types of materials namely, polycrystalline and monocrystalline. Monocrystalline is expensive than polycrystalline. Polycrystalline works even in dull weather conditions but monocrystallines work only in bright sunshine. Polycrystalline is larger in size and has a long life span. Monocrystalline is smaller in size and is very efficient.

  1. Mounting options

There are a few options like flush mounts, ground mounts, pole mounts etc. Flush mounts are easy to install and the installation is comparatively inexpensive. They are secured with the roofs and are not affected by strong winds. Do you need large solar panels for your home? If so, you should go for roof mounts. It is the best choice for multiple panels too. In pole mounts, the panel is secured to a tall pole using poles. Although, it is inexpensive, it is not suitable in windy places.

  1. Condition

Make sure you inspect the panel before buying. Look for cracks, dents or scratches. Some solar panels may be damaged because of the moisture content in the manufacturing place or the warehouses where they were stored. You should buy a solar panel in a good condition and not one with cracks and burns. Faulty panels will reduce the efficiency of the panel.

  1. Manufacturer’s warranty

A solar panel with long period of warranty from the manufacturer is more reliable. Manufacturer’s guarantee is an evidence for the effectiveness and durability of the product.

  1. Inverter condition and efficiency

The solar panels receive DC. It is the inverter that converts DC into AC. An efficient inverter plays an important role in the effective functioning of a solar panel. If the inverter is not of good quality the heat absorbed by the solar panel is wasted.

  1. Amount of electricity generated

You should understand that the capacity of the inverter is not the same as the capacity of the solar panel. Large capacity of the inverter will not help in generating more electricity. You should look at the capacity of the solar panel and not the inverter to know the actual amount of electricity generated. A system of 4KW inverter with 2KW solar panel is a 2KW system and not a 4KW system.

  1. Provisions for upgrading

Technology is improving at a rapid speed. You can’t replace the whole system every few months but you can upgrade your existing system. You should make sure that the solar panel you buy has provisions for upgrading.

If you want to buy the best residential solar power systems, make a thorough research. Look for a good solar dealer who will not apply too much pressure on you. Don’t be cheated with ‘too good to believe’ offers and gimmicks.