Interior Decoration: A Few Types Of Fabric You Can Use

Interior Decoration: A Few Types Of Fabric You Can Use

There are many aspects of interior decoration. While flooring and wall posters are essential components of interiors, fabrics also play an important and strategic role to determine the interior of your house. One of the essential thing most people consider when choosing a fabric for home decor projects is the color, pattern, and design of a particular fabric.

You should also have a little knowledge of how the home decor fabrics behave when they are folded or draped, and it’s better to consider the flexibility and texture of the fabric carefully. Understanding the role of different types of fabrics and their best use can help you in creating a better ambiance of the interior of your home.


Cotton fabrics are very well known for holding a pattern nicely. Cotton is among the most commonly used fabric in the entire world. One of the greatest advantages of cotton fabric is that you can find many finishes and this fabric eventually suits the uses of furniture covers, table linens, cushions, tea towels, curtains, and pillows. Cotton fabric is comfortable and durable and breathable too. The best thing about cotton fabric is that it can be produced cheaper than a lot of home decor fabric.


Linen is a natural fabric that wrinkles result but it always looks fresh and good when pressed. It is one of the oldest fabric known to date. While, this fabric is quite expensive from other home decor fabrics, because of its exceptional qualities and great characteristics. A high-quality linen fabric is known for its durability and strength. Linen is the lovely fabric that can be used for loose covers, cushions, curtains, upholstery, lampshades.


Silk has got that attractive touch and outlook.  It is available in many textures, while it’s not the most practical home decor fabric but it is one of the strongest natural fibers.  Silk is glamorous, luxurious and expensive at the same time. This fabric can suffer terribly from sun damage and can rot over time if you hung silk curtain in the line of direct sunlight. You can use the silk fabric for curtains, delicate upholstery, cushions, bedding, and lampshades.


This is a synthetic fiber that is wool like and soft to touch. It has fire loops and woven appearance that makes it softer.  Acrylic fiber retains its color and that is what it perfect fabric for your interior decorating. Acrylic fiber is resistant to the sunlight and doesn’t shrink.  Acrylic fabric can be used for bedding, decorative pillows, upholstery, and slipcovers. It is often blended with other natural fabrics in order to add disability. Most rooms are best decorated with acrylic fabric.

So, these were a few styles and types of fabric you can use your home decor. In order to get the best home decor fabric, you can visit wholesale fabric stores near you.