Jewelry Tips: How To Accessorize Like A Pro

Each woman spend most of her day trying to figure out what to wear next day. What shoes to wear green or red, who will they meet and most of all what jewelry to wear and handbag to carry. Dressing up for a woman is both stressful and fun because it is time for her to showcase her signature identity. There are several tips that should be followed if you want to become a pro in accessorizing:

  1. Buy jewelry that will have more than just one purpose

It is great that you bought a new dress and feel like you will need jewelry to go with it. Buying new jewelry from means you go for jewelry that will serve many purposes in your wardrobe. Because you will not wear this dress every day, it means if you buy a piece of jewelry that matches only with this dress, it will not be worn as many times as it should be. Finding jewelry that will go with many outfits will help you save lot of money.

  1. Find new ways to accessorize

If there is something that brings fun in accessorizing, it is finding new ways to wear the same piece of jewelry. Sometimes beautiful necklace you wear every day can be wrapped around your wrist to pass the effect of a cool new bracelet. The secret is to know which jewelry have more than one way of wearing and which could just embarrass you.

  1. Do not over do

When you keep things simple, you can never go wrong. Therefore, if you feel that your outfit has a lot going on, wear only one necklace instead of layering or skip the necklace and go for rings, bangles or bracelets. For example if your blouse or top has many colors and prints or it is ruffled at the top, it is pointless to overwhelm it with layers of necklaces.

  1. Let your outfit compliment you

Everyone has the experience, where they have met with a friend who is petite and have worn huge pearls or huge neck-piece that make you wonder if they are overdressed or their neck is hurting from the weight. Justfab advices that you should dress up in a way to make sure that you are what people see first. Do not wear too big jewelry that can distract people from listening to you or noticing any other part of your outfit. Just keep it simple.

  1. Concentrate on the eye area

The eye area is the area where most people will look first when they see you. So justfab advices, While dressing, make sure which part did you want people to notice or which parts you want your outfit should reveal? For example if you are wearing a top that shows lot of cleavage, wearing a big colorful neck-piece will distract people’s eyes from noticing your cleave they will notice how the neck piece complements your skin.