Laws For Child Adoption

Before you can adopt a child, you have to contact a proper agency that can assist you in the process. Here is what is required from the application you officially file:

  1. The first thing they will do is invite the parents willing to adopt a child to preparation classes. These are held within the vicinity of the parents and the main purpose is to introduce them to the various jobs adopting a child might entail.
  2. The next thing the agency does is send a social worker over to the place where you live to carry out various kinds of inspections. This is to ensure the individuals willing to adopt are financially and physically capable of doing the job.
  3. Once the above two steps are complete, a police inspection is held to ensure that neither the parents nor any relatives of the parents have been convicted of a felony or a crime. This is to ensure future security of the child.
  4. Once that has been done, the willing parents are required to have a minimum of three references to satisfy the agency that they are indeed capable of taking on board the responsibility of a child. Only of the three can be a relative.
  5. Once all of the above have been conducted, the two individuals are required to undergo a full medical exam.

This is the very first step to adopting a child. The next is the process of assessment.

Your Assessment

The assessment entails the following:

  1. Once the social worker is done visiting your home, he will formulate a proper report according to his observation and send it to the adoption panel – individuals responsible of the actual decision. These are all professionals ad experienced individuals who make well-informed decisions keeping in mind the benefit of the child.
  2. If they feel like your report is good enough, they recommend you to an adoption agency. This is based solely on the report made by the social worker.
  3. Sometimes a panel might have further concerns and questions, these the willing parents might require to answer in person.
  4. Once the recommendation has been sent, it is entirely up to the adoption agency to contact you when they find a child fit for your needs.

The Adoption Process

The actual adoption process requires a few steps that you must take to ensure there are no glitches during the process. The law requires you to do the following:

  1. Start with contacting an adoption agency. This is the easiest way to get all the details from the relevant source directly.
  2. You will also have to meet the agency and individuals in a similar position to yours so that you can be made comfortable with how things go.
  3. If you find yourself at ease with the agency, the process is furthered.
  4. The estimated time that takes for the actual process to begin is half a year.

Registering an Adoption

It does not matter if you are within a country or out of it. You must focus on the things that ensure you deem fit according to the adoption law. If you are found going against it, your case can be completely disrupted and result in you being banned by the adoption consultants. Familiarize yourself with what the law requires before you get into the process, unaware of how things go.

Hannah Dobinson is the author of this article. She refers to the website to help parents adopt children.