Learn About Unique Asset Protection and Ways For Survivors Of The Holocaust

Learn About Unique Asset Protection and Ways For Survivors Of The Holocaust

There has been an ongoing discussion regarding protection of the assets of the U.S. citizens. These citizens have been survivors of the Holocaust. They have obtained monetary compensation as they were sufferers of Nazi persecution. This many-times has led to misunderstandings and confusion.

Deceptive information circulated across the community has risked the valuable assets of this community. Lawyers with experience in the area of restitution offers the best and legal way for Nazi persecution victims to safeguards their assets for not just themselves but also their heirs via establishment of trust for such victim.

What is the objective of Nazi Persecution Restitution Trusts?

To conserve a major share of the possession of victims of Nazi Persecution, Restitution Trusts was created for them. This trust enables eligible people to receive medical assistance for U.S. Government without “spending down” possession to poverty levels. The procedure of making this trust is a time-consuming and complicated task of competing for a restitution payment history before beginning of a Medicaid application.

Benefits of preparing trust for sufferers of Nazi Persecution

Holocaust survivors reparations trust offer several benefits to a person. Some of them are:

  • Offer “Medicaid exemption” for several assets.
  • Unifies assets under single entity.
  • Enables grantor to sustain control of assets disposition.
  • Permits client to hold their assets in their individual
  • Offer flexibility due to revocability.
  • Provides instructions and guidelines for management of assets in the cases of incapacity without any necessity of the proceeding of a custody.
  • Removes burden on spouse to guess the intent of granter in the occurrence of incapacity.
  • Sanctions permission to members in the family to take necessary action for the Grantor as all the assets are under his control.
  • Eases assets distribution to multiple beneficiaries.

What is the eligibility criteria for survivors of the holocaust?

There is below mentioned criteria to get eligible for the trust.

  • Has to be a US citizen
  • Should be a former victim of Nazi persecution, who has already received and/ or presently receiving monetary compensation as restitution, pension or property claims from Austrian, Germany, or other occupied areas.
  • He should anticipate receipt of newly accessible funds that results from the latest settlements or
  • heirs of Nazi persecution who have inherited “restitution funds” from the Survivors.

Special Medicaid Rules

To qualify for Medical assistance for long-term health requires an applicant to showcase need for money. The recipient of Medicaid may only hold assets as determined to be completely exempt by within financial limits by Medicaid.

For all American citizens, necessary personal impact such as furniture, clothing, automobiles and cash. It can be reserved by a person as exempt funds, at the same time the individual can be eligible for Medicaid assistance. The resource account varies from one state to another and is properly adjusted on a yearly basis.


Establishment of Restitution Trusts for victims of Nazi Persecution ensures that the assets of a person will be completely secured without any loss of control and offer the method to maintain the legacy.