Perception Enhancers: What And Why

There are a lot of reasons why people take supplements and other drugs. They may be to cure a present disease or ailment, as maintenance for a certain condition, or just to be a supplement to boost certain attributes of the body.

Brain supplements functions as a booster for memory, focus and concentration. There are also other purposes that these type of supplements perform. These drugs are also very popular, especially to those who truly need them.

However, how does one know that these drugs are smart drugs or cognitive enhancers or not?

Traits of Smart Drug

There are certain traits that medical professionals seek in order for a certain supplement or a drug for it to be used as brain supplements and categorized as a nootropic.

According to Corneliu E. Giurgea, the person who synthesized piracetam, there are 5 traits that must be met before a drug can be classified as a nootropic.

The first criteria that should bet met is that a drug must be able to improve memory and cognition. Second, it must be able to boost the mind’s resistance to change of the learned behaviors based on the disruption in the environment. Third, the drug must be able to lessen the effect of any physical injury or chemical-induced disturbances to the brain. Fourth, the drug must effectively enhance the efficacy of the control mechanisms in the brain, such ability to think on ones feet when subjected to pressure and to enhance reaction time. Lastly, the drug must have low toxicity and must have very little to no side-effects.

Knowing and fulfilling these criteria will help manufacturers make drugs and supplements that work best.

Why people use them

People use brain supplements basically to promote enhancement in memory and concentration. These drugs are also capable of promoting positive emotions and help control the stress level and stress management of a person.

With the help of these smart drugs, a person can also boost motivation and overall positive reception to changes in the environment. This also helps people keep a calm and accepting demeanor.

However, caution must also be exercised with the intake of these drugs. These drugs still have chemical components and like all other pharmaceutical medicines, they should be handle accordingly. Frequency of intake and amount of dosage should be determined. Professional doctors should be consulted relating to these values. Also, if you are not sure whether to take one or not, you have to ask prescription from medical professionals first. Some people are actually allergic to these drugs, so special caution should be done as well.