Photo Booth Ideas For Your Wedding

Photo Booth Ideas For Your Wedding

In the age of Instagram, brides and grooms are considering photo booths as a way of encouraging their guests to take photos of themselves to remember the wedding. There are so many inexpensive ideas for creating magical moments for your guests and the wedding party. Whatever theme you are going for, here are some fantastic concepts that will suit your style and budget.

If you want to incorporate some of the photo booth ideas into your official wedding album, why not ask a Bournemouth wedding photographer to take some shots of the wedding party?

Vintage Car Fans

If you are a fan of vintage cars and have one available, why not create a photo booth using a car? Add flowers to the picture and maybe a few lights to set the scene. This would make a beautiful addition to a wedding album.

Lacey Backdrop

Create a beautiful and vintage booth by hanging some lace up as a backdrop. Your photographs will look metro and moody. Add some flowers and consider using a filter to age the picture. Ask a photographer such as to capture a romantic moment.

Photo Booth Ideas For Your Wedding

Hanging Frames

This is becoming a popular photo booth idea. You can have your photo taken by holding a frame, or hang them up and decorate them with flowers to create a romantic border. Use a tree to create an outdoor booth.

Paper Flowers

Make some huge paper flowers and display them as the backdrop to your photo. Add in a couple of chairs to sit on, and you will have created an intimate and inexpensive photo booth for guests and the bride and groom.


If your venue has a beautiful window, why not create a photo booth inspired by Romeo and Juliet? Finish the picture by adding props, such as a floral display or a vintage chair.

Plywood Booth

Design a tri-fold plywood frame and paint it black. Cover it with your favourite quotes and names of the bride and groom. This will provide a fantastic backdrop for some fun photography.


If you are keen sailors, use an upturned sailing boat as a photo booth. Add a few additional touches, such as some rope to keep with the nautical theme. Use a lantern to create some mood lighting.