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Selecting Fabric Materials For Exterior Furniture And Cushions

Outdoor designs shuttered or not are exposed to severe weathering and other environmental factors which are critical to the life expectancy of selected materials. Different climatic conditions, hot, cold or fall, impact majorly on the fabrics of exterior furniture pieces such as cushions. Keeping that in mind, you would want to choose prime and sustainable which will not only stand the test time and weather, but also add values to the build environment. Such materials are created to resist deterioration and fading due to radiation from sunlight and moisture. For an exterior decor, whether you are shuttering your pieces under umbrella or a canopy, the Robert Allen Fabric and Sunbrella fabrics would be a perfect pick. They come in varieties of of color and form. So, you get to choose type that goes with an existing design of the possible decor site. Looking for a plethora of options for exterior cushions fabrics, check out the following list.

Cotton Canvas

Sort of simply knitted material, traditional canvas are hand crafted using weed fibers by local artisans. Cotton type is more contemporary compared to the weed fiber type and it stands more test time. The cotton is well woven to resist moisture. For its durability and ability to avert the severity of weather, it makes one of the strongest materials for exterior design pieces. Aside being able to resist wears, it is pretty easy to dye. You might want to consider it if you are low on budget for the fact that it comes in different aesthetic colors and dyes at quite affordable prices.

If you kinda want some unique stuff color blend that you can’t find in the market, with cotton canvas you could craft a out something to suit your need. For personal or unique designs, you only need fabric. Apply the paint to your cushions and other piece and you are good to go. Food for thought- apply protective coating after painting to prevent the painting from washing away or fading.

Dock Canvas or Dock Cloth

A lot like a the cotton canvas, it a fine well braided fabric made of strong cotton clothing. The major difference between a cotton canvas and dock canvas is seen in tightness and toughness. The latter is much tighter and stronger than the former. Dock canvas makes the perfect wholesale fabric for moisture resistance. The fine texture which is attributed to perfect braid work is an added aesthetics. However due to the fine texture, it is not a good pick for custom designs because the surface does hold painting and coating well. All in all, if durability comes on top your list consider dock canvas. But if you want some sort of uniqueness consider cotton canvas which is less expensive.

Other options include textilene fabric olefin fiber and vinyl which are also efficient for outdoor cushions and furniture pieces.