The Basic Work Of An Account Executive

The actual work of an Account Executive involves job holders acting as intercessor between insurance companies and clients. Clients may be either commercial organizations and businesses or individuals. The job of an Account Executive require the use of in-depth knowledge of development and sales skills, risks and the insurance market to develop new commercial sales and accounts to support performance plans of brokerages’ and provide the best cover for clients. 

Aaron Hartfield Murrietta is an Account Executive at RIM logistics, Ltd. Logistics and supply chains is the management of goods and services from one place to another. This may include managing the efforts of the people involved, maintaining the integrity of the items shipped, coordinating transport, handling the information generated by these efforts and warehousing the goods between legs of the journey. In this sense logistics generally refers to outbound logistics although logistics may also be inbound, which means that it may also involve overseeing inventory and production, both of raw materials and finished products. There are different fields within logistics which includes procurement that is the maximizing of operations of company to focus on main competencies while outsourcing non-critical activities, as well as disposal and distribution.

The Basic Work Of An Account Executive

Typical work activities depend largely on the scale of the business and the nature and size of the employer. In large organizations and companies, these jobs may specialize in a particular area. But in small companies, jobs of an Account Executive may require involvement in several functions, including acting as claims broker and placing broker, new business development and relationship manager.

Work activities for Account Executive jobs include:

  • Achieving production targets and agreed sales.

  • Maintaining and building ongoing relationships with clients

  • Researching policies of insurance companies’ and bargaining with underwriters to find the most suitable insurance for clients at a proper price.

  • Resolving queries and problems and taking ownership of clients’ accounts.

  • Amending or renewing existing policies.

  • Acquiring and marketing new clients

  • Various administrative tasks such as correspondence, dealing with paperwork, keeping detailed records etc.Interests and Skills.

In order to be a good Account Executive, you need:

  • Interpersonal skills and strong communication.

  • Confidence to negotiate and advise underwriters and clients.

  • Numeracy Level should be high.

  • Efficiently manage a number of projects together.

  • Proper understanding of legal issues related to insurance.

  • Strong and effective analytical skills

  • Excellent ability to demonstrate operational and strategic planning in the long, medium and short term business environments.

  • Ability to influence and persuade others.

An Account Executive like Aaron Hartfield Murrietta underwent intensive training on his employer’s business, services and products as soon as he began in the role. This is usually a perfect combination of shadowing experienced colleagues and structured in-house training courses. Further familiarity is gained by learning from fellow Account Executives on an informal, ongoing basis and performing the role.

Jobs as an Account Executive success in managing efficiently the existing business and also winning new business. The core emphasis is on growing profitable books of business. These jobs are open to those who are experienced as a Sales Executive, an Account Handler or Sales role with strong technical knowledge of insurance covers or for those with experience within an Insurance company in a Business Development.