The History Behind Silverstone’s Corner Turns

The British Grand Prix is undoubtedly one of the UK’s greatest sporting highlights. Attended by hundreds of thousands of people each year, it has been held annually at Silverstone since 1987.

The History Behind Silverstone's Corner Turns

Each lap of the circuit at Silverstone is 5.891km.

Many of the corners have their own names, often with a historical background. Which of the turns have names, and what are the reasons behind them?

Turn 1 – Abbey

Silverstone’s first turn is named after the remains of nearby Luffield Abbey.

Turn 3 – Village

This is a right-hand corner introduced in 2010, named in honor of Silverstone village.

Turn 4 – The Loop

The only corner named after its shape is a left-handed hairpin.

Turn 5 – Aintree

A left-hander named after the venue of the Grand National. Aintree also staged the British Grand Prix in the late 50s/early 60s.

Turn 6 – Brooklands

Named after the pre-war motor racing venue of the same name.

Turn 7 – Luffield

This long right-hander was initially two separate corners but was changed to one in 1991. It is named after Luffield Chapel.

Turn 8 – Woodcote

This sweeping right-hander is named after the RAC’s Woodcote Park in Surrey.

Turn 9 – Copse

This quick corner is named after the two copses (Chapel Copse and Cheese Copse) it passes.

Turns 10 – 14 – Maggotts, Becketts, and Chapel

This left, right, left, right, left complex was originally three distinct bends. Maggotts is named after the nearby Maggot Moor, whilst Becketts and Chapel owe their names to the chapel of St Thomas à Beckett, which once stood nearby.

Turn 15 – Stowe

This right-hander takes its name from the nearby Stowe School, located to the south of the circuit.

Turn 16 – Vale

This name is thought to be down to the fact that the section lies within the district of Aylesbury Vale.

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Turns 17/18 – Club

Now the track’s final corner, this is named after the RAC’s famous clubhouse on Pall Mall, London.