Things To Remember When Building A Chicken Coop

Things To Remember When Building A Chicken Coop

Things to remember when building a chicken coop are really simple card board box, a grow light. hay for the floor where they will be standing, pills for lice, water container, there are other things today that can be used to cover the floor with one exception do not use news papers as that will be another issue you will have to deal with and remember biddies are very dirty and you will need something that you have plenty of because you will be changing that floor covering many times.

Remember you do not have to use card board boxes if you have something else to use that is what Daddy used on the farm about sixty five years ago and there are new strides for building a chicken coop today, some people buy them along with all the other items he did not have available to him at that time. When we had biddies on the farm they were well taken care of.  We had a chicken house and my Daddy had a big container to hold the eggs when we did not have a hen to set on the them and it looked like a the kind that is used to ship fruit and probably was wooden box and the floor was covered with straw and this is called a brooder if you do not have a wooden box the card board box will work fine.

You must cover the top of the box with a screen or something to keep out the predators, as there are many out there , fox, rats so forth and it must be something to keep then from getting to the biddies. You must check on them often to see if the eggs are safe and every thing you set up for them is working and the eggs are warm but not too hot.

After the eggs are hatched and you have those little tiny pink skinned biddies without a strand of a feather and they are flopping all over the floor in the brooder and starting to chirp. Sometimes you may lose some biddies as some eggs may not hatch and some biddies may be trampled to death as they are so fragile when they first break open the egg. Now that they are hatched the dirty work begins and the hay or whatever you are using will have to be changed often and those pills that were added to the drinking water may have to be changed when you change their water. They will be chirping so loud it almost like a chirping concert and it won’t be long before they will be grown and walking in the barn yard and the old hen house will be chirping with new biddies and the cycle starts all over again.

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