Tips To Wear High Heels and Flaunt

High heels can match every outfit and flaunt your style in every occasion or event. There is no doubt that high heels from companies like JustFab can add glamour to your personality and make boring or dull outfits interesting. Unfortunately, many women do not feel comfortable while wearing high heels. In this post, we have discussed some effective tips to make sure you can wear high heels without any problem.

Size Matters

First of all, it is important to make sure your high heels have proper size according to your feet. You need to measure your foot size properly before making any purchase. If your shoes are too big, your feet will slide around. On the other hand, if your shoes are too small, you will feel cramped all the time. This will make walking difficult.

Pace Yourself

In case heels are new for you than should not start by wearing high heels. It is important to make sure, your feet get used it. You should try several options to find comfortable and durable heels according to your feet.

Consider the Rest of Your Body

According to experts, it is important to consider other areas of your body to make sure you can walk properly in high heels. For instance, engaging your abs can give you control and poise. You should walk heel to toe. This transfers the impact to your leg rather than stressing your foot. Last but not the least, you should relax your knees and hips to make your walk graceful and fluid.

Take Time-Outs

Whenever you get some time, you should sit and rest. There is no shame in taking a time out to provide your feet some rest. In fact, it gives your feet a good chance to rest so that you can walk comfortably.

Don’t Try Too Hard

When you walk in flats or flip flops, you do not give much thought no how you walk. You should have same attitude when you walk in high heels. If you try too hard, it will make your walk look awkward.

Look For Sturdy Soles

Thin soles feel uncomfortable and do not provide good support to your feet. You should choose high heels manufactured from thick and stable material. A platform or thick sole heels remove all unnecessary pressure from your feet and allows you to walk comfortably.

Slow It Down

Wearing heels makes your strides shorter. Therefore, you need to take more steps. So do not rush yourself because this will change the style how you walk.

Scratch the Bottoms

This may sound like a weird idea to scratch the bottoms of your new heels. But if you scratch the soles of new heels with sandpaper, it will provide more friction and makes sure you can walk properly on slippery surfaces. It also reduces the risk of injury.

Over the Counter Help

Last but not the least, there are many products that can provide your feet extra protection and support. You can purchase foot pads or metatarsal to enjoy more comfort while walking in high heels.

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