How to show passion to your favorite Canadian football team?

Being a fan of football exposes you to a lot of emotions, whether good of thrilling. Canada is one of the regions where football is highly considered and appreciated. Talking about that, the Canadian Football League is a great opportunity to cheer on the team you prefer. However, if you are willing to show your passion or support for a given team, cheering up is not enough. There are many other actions you can leverage, from standing on the sidelines to getting involved in events and fanbases. But to make it easier, we have decided to show you some ways you can express passion to your favorite Canadian football team. Let's discover that.

Attend their games 

There are several ways to shower your favorite team with support. And the most popular of all is to attend their games in person. Even though this is the most common way to express your passion, it is also the most efficient. In fact, attending the football games at the Canadian Football League makes your favorite team feel confident about what they are doing. It is also a great way to discover this or that new player in action. 
The other reason you should attend the games in person to support your football team is that it comforts them to know they have fans and people that have their back out of the field. Your songs and shouting may even help them win the game.  If you have ever watched all the episodes of the animated cartoon Supa Strikas, you should get to know what we are talking about. And that is the most exciting thing about attending the game, if your Canadian favorite team wins, that is another reason to cheer up.

Purchase their official merchandise

How could you support a team and not use merchandise products that are especially made from their colors and logo? Another way to shower your favorite team with support at the CFL is obviously through merchandise shopping. You may buy jerseys, hats, t-shirts, socks, shoes and a whole bunch of accessories that are made up of their logo. The latters are available in stores or on online marketplaces. 
However, if you are looking for something special and unique, you may turn to the numerous local shops out there. There are plenty of customized merchandise. You can also help yourself with a full set of clothes and get dressed from top to toe with your favorite team merchandise. You can even go further by finding helmets and gloves designed with the team's colors and logo.

Follow them on social medias

There is no doubt that the internet and social media have taken over our daily habits. Unless you do not have a data connection, browsing on the internet or checking your messages is the first thing you do when you wake up. Why don't you use that time to support your Canadian favorite team? It is indeed a great alternative if you cannot attend the game in person. Social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are suitable for that.
You can also stay up-to-date with the latest news on their official website. Do not forget to share your captions and photos on social media, or share lovely comments on the website. If all these internet things are not your cup of tea, you can watch the games on TV or stream displayed online. Knowing that thousands of people even though they are not present still manage to support the team from home will definitely melt your favorite players' hearts. 

Get involved in events or fan club

If you really are impregnated by a CFL team, you shall ultimately get involved in events concerning them. This helps you meet new people, make friends that share your interest and passion for a given team. But prior to that, you should do some research in order to find the events that are around your area. It may be festivals, concerts, football tournaments or any other activity you are interested in.
Once you have identified those events, you can now turn to the organizers and ask whether they need volunteers to help them. While doing so, you are supporting your team, gaining experience and making an impact on your community. If volunteering is not for you, you can still participate as sponsor or spectator instead. Finally, you can choose to be a member of a fan club that is interested in the team you are willing to show passion to.

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